Used Computers

Used Computers & What to Look For? There are a number of companies in Cyprus that offer the sale of refurbished and used computers and laptops. It is becoming a trend to purchase this type of computer/laptop due to the fact that computers are far more durable and reliable than they used to be as well as costing you less to buy than a new one.

The Ethics

What are the Ethics of the Internet? One of the most powerful tools in communication in today’s modern age is the internet. Regrettably, there are many companies that use the internet and specifically their websites to display false information and even use market traps to draw users and customers of a specific service.

Recycling Your Computer

Recycling Your Computer The inevitable has happened! Your computer has finally died! A new one is on its way to you but what do you do with the old one? How do you dispose of your old computer in an environmentally friendly way? The answer is Computer Recycling! The Importance of Recycling ComputersWe know that recycling is important but it becomes even more so for electronic products.

Custom-built or Pre-built

Custom-built or Pre-built Computer In the olden days of computers, before they became a commodity, they were all custom-built. Individual parts were ordered like the CPU, RAM and motherboard and then the computer was assembled.

Internet Jargon

Computer & Internet Jargon The computer industry and the internet have a multitude of jargon that seems to just be a combination of letters. To help you be more comfortable in the use of your computer and the internet we have put together a list of the most common jargon you may come across with a short description.